How Gratitude, Hope, and Holiday Greetings Are Helpful to Job Seekers

At the beginning of the month I had the idea to talk about using the holiday season to show gratitude for the things you have, the people in your lives, and for the experiences you’ve had thus far. But as I started to think about it, I wondered if my words would sound cliché. It seems that gratitude has become a buzzword that we see regularly on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media outlets.

Gratitude is not a new idea, but we hear about it so often, I wonder whether it’s overused. Are people starting to dismiss it? I hope not.

To me, we’ve hit a point in time when there’s a lot of confusion, uncertainty, frustration, and fear. The roots of these feelings are different for each person, but the feelings themselves seem to be shared. For many of my clients, they feel stuck in their career. They’re looking for the fearlessness they felt when they first started out or are wondering what will give them the jolt of energy to make the leap towards what they truly want to do.

Gratitude, Hope, and Holiday Greetings

My advice is to start with being thankful. Gratitude magically leads to hope. The end of the year is an especially good time to share your feelings of gratitude and hope with those around you. Holiday letters and cards are a great way to do this. They help us express thanks to the people in our lives, thanks for what happened in the past year, and hope that the opportunities in the coming year will lead to good things for everyone.

For job seekers, or job holders thinking about leaving for new opportunities, there is an additional purpose for sending holiday letters and cards.  A simple note expressing thanks and remembrance or hope for the New Year is a great way to rekindle and stoke relationships with the people in your network. For many job seekers, reconnecting with their contacts is the best way to hear about new positions and to move to the front of the line when being considered for new openings.

Past managers, former colleagues, recruiters, and business partners, essentially everyone you value and who values you, should be on your holiday mailing list. At the very least, a holiday letter or card from you will create the same warmth that you feel when you receive one. If you’re concerned about mailing costs, send e-cards. Electronic cards, especially the multimedia ones that include music and animation, can be even better than postcards if the card’s presentation and theme are a good match for recipients.

For me, I thoroughly enjoy receiving a card, letter or e-card wishing me good things and referencing how we’re connected. And I remember the people who took the time to send me something. It’s heartwarming to know they care enough to include me their holiday mailing list. It shows I mean something to them. And who doesn’t like to matter to someone else.

Share Warmth, Friendship, Well-Wishes, and Gratitude

Remember, now is the time for warmth, friendship, and well-wishes. And of course, gratitude. Expressing even one or two things for which you’re thankful has magical effects. It lightens the mood and creates hope for both you and the recipient, and it strengthens your relationship. Keep your message simple, brief, and upbeat. Be gracious. Don’t talk about your job search. Simply show your positivity and gratitude.

So thank you for reading this post. I appreciate your giving me the time to share my thoughts. I hope my words inspire you to send at least a few, and hopefully a lot of, holiday greetings. Happy holidays and a great new year everyone!


Julia is a Career Strategist and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach based in the Bay Area. She helps career-focused professionals showcase their unique abilities and talents in order to amplify their presence in their chosen fields and when re-entering the job market. Julia uses her extensive leadership experience in executive management, business development, team building and recruiting to help her clients have the career they always wanted. Learn more about Julia at,, (@JuliaHolian) and


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