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Interview with Confidence

On the day of your interview, we want you to feel relaxed and prepared for anything that comes your way. But, we know it’s not that easy for most people. We will help you feel comfortable talking about your skills and qualifications, asking great questions, and pitching yourself as the best candidate for the job.

Our Approach

We recognize that every candidate is different and will interview differently. That is why you’ll have private, one-on-one sessions with us to pinpoint how you want to show up for the interview, and what you need to do to ensure you are confident and prepared when you meet with each interviewer.

Job Description Analysis

We will show you how to read and dissect a job description to anticipate what will be focused on in the interview, and even how to find hidden details that may be important to know ahead of time. We will also discuss how your resume aligns with the job description, and what questions we think the interviewer might ask.

Interview Preparation

You will have full access to our extensive list of interview questions to practice answering, as well as lists of questions that you should ask. You’ll develop strategies for answering behavioral interview questions, scenario or situational questions, and best practices for creating presentations.

Mock Interviews

Practice makes perfect, right? We will help you work out the kinks by simulating an interview to perfect your style and approach. You’ll get feedback about your body language, eye contact, vocal tone, attire, and other cues you give off so you show up as your best self.

Compensation Negotiation

We stay on top of the market and know how recruiters, HR professionals, and executives approach the offer/negotiation game. We’ll share insights into when to bring up compensation, and how to answer questions about what you want or what you’ll accept. We’ll help you hone your pitch, create your must-haves and deal-breakers, navigate each turn, and advocate for yourself, so you get what you deserve.

No Matter Your Level…

Whether you’re already in the C-suite or climbing the corporate ladder, your interview skills are essential when it comes to effectively achieving your career goals. We have the experience and the tools, to help you hone your interviewing style and succeed in all your conversations. There’s a strategy for interview success, and it’s all rooted in clarity, communication, and preparation. Let us help you land that next job!

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"I needed advice on honing my interview skills for an executive-level position. Working with Julia, I was able to concisely state my value proposition as a leader that had a large impact to how my story landed. I received a VP level job right after our consultation!"
Traci N.
VP Finance
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