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You Have Superpowers!

You were born with powerful talents (your superpowers!). They’ve helped you anticipate problems, build relationships, lead teams, manage projects, and accomplish great things. So, what are those talents? How do you use them? When do they work for you, and when do they work against you? How can you use them more effectively to achieve your career goals?

Our Approach

Leveraging Gallup’s CliftonStrengths Assessment, we’ll take a close look at your natural talents. You’ll gain an appreciation for what you do best and insights into how you can invest in your talents and develop them into strengths. You’ll also see how your talents align with your values and the role those talents play in bringing you career satisfaction and fulfillment.

CliftonStrengths Assessment

CliftonStrengths is an assessment tool that ranks 34 talent themes, that all people possess, to show you your dominant, supporting, and lesser talents. These talent themes, when understood and used effectively, can play a key role in helping you be successful in everything you do.

Reports & Tools

The CliftonStrengths assessment comes with multiple reports and tools for managers, executives, sales professionals, and college students. They include guides for understanding how to be an effective leader, how to tackle problems, how to communicate more effectively, and how to select projects that build your resume.

Achieve Success

We want you to be successful in everything you do. We’ll help you understand how to use your strengths to your advantage, and how to recognize when the talents of others can be your greatest asset. You’ll learn how to use your strengths to communicate more effectively, and advocate for yourself and others.

Wrap Up

Whether you are trying to move up the ladder at your current company or interviewing for a new role, articulating your strengths and how they make you successful is invaluable.
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"Julia had good energy and was proactive. Working with her I was better able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, as well as knowing how to highlight my skills and experience to the positions I applied for."
Gus J.
Digital Manager / Account Manager
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