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What’s your leadership style?

Leadership skills are rarely taught in a classroom. They’re developed over time through interaction, observation, assessment of one’s values and beliefs, and often the thought to “never be like that” or a desire to “try to be like that person.” To be successful as a leader, knowing how you want to be seen and how you want to influence others is essential.

Our Approach

Through one-on-one personal coaching, we’ll help you explore and develop your leadership beliefs and personal style. You’ll learn to recognize what triggers your stress, best ways to resolve issues and make decisions, approaches to influencing others, and strategies for building authentic relationships.

Assess How You “Show Up”

We all want to be successful, yet sometimes we need an honest assessment of our talents, strengths, and the energetic vibes we bring to our roles. Depending on where you are and what will be most valuable to you, we may guide you through iPEC’s Energy Leadership Index assessment or Gallup’s CliftonStrengths.

Mock Corporate Scenarios

Role-playing is one of the best ways to flush out your approach to developing staff, handling issues around process and technology, and holding your own amongst your peers. We’ll address common scenarios that occur in business so you can start working out the varying dynamics of the situation and how you’ll tackle the situation.

Trusted Confidant and Sounding Board

Everyone needs an unbiased, trusted confidant who doesn’t know all the players and personalities in your company. This gives you the freedom to be open and authentic, and work through the challenges you’re facing week to week.

No Matter Your Level…

Whether you’re new to management and learning how to move from a do-er to a leader, trying to advance to the Partner or C-Suite level, hitting roadblocks in your sales plan, or need to improve how you communicate with and inspire the people around you, our leadership coaching will help you uncover your natural talents and achieve your goals.
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Julia’s coaching, sage advice and moral support was invaluable in helping me navigate today’s careers landscape. Julia was also instrumental in helping me self-evaluate what was really important to me within the context of my life goals. In fact Julia is more than a strategist, she is a career therapist!
Christopher F.
VP Product Management
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