5 Tips to Keep Your Job Search Going in the Summer

5 Tips to Keep Your Job Search Going This Summer -Julia Holian & Associates

Many people assume it’s a waste of time to look for a job during the summer, but that’s not true. The summer is a great time to pull together everything you need for a job search, reach out to your network, and get in front of people during a time of year when most people are more relaxed.

To give you a head start on making the most of summer, here are five things you should do to keep your job search moving forward:

Update your resume – I recommend you ire a resume writer to help you create your personal brand and market your skills and talents. Most people are not good at telling their own story, but a good resume writer will artfully capture what you want people to know about you.

Refresh your LinkedIn profile – A good LinkedIn profile promotes your business value while you’re off doing other things. So, take the time to package your skills, experience and talents on LinkedIn.

Practice (and perfect) your pitch – When you’re looking for a job, you’ll be asked why you’re looking. Create a short, succinct answer to what’s prompted your job search (that’s called an “Exit Statement”). You’ll also be asked what it is that you want to do. Work on a clear and concise “Elevator Pitch” about what you do, who you want to do it for, and what value you’ll bring.

Reach out to your network – In the summer months, most people are more relaxed than at the beginning and end of the year, and more willing to take your call or meet for coffee. Take advantage of the warm vibes and reach out to former colleagues, friends, and people who may be able to help you make connections during your job search.

Schedule informational interviews – Use this time to get in front of people. If you’re looking to get into a different industry or change specialties, contact people in those arenas and ask to meet with them for 20-30 minutes. Make sure they know you aren’t looking for them to do anything for you, but simply to offer their perspective and insights.


Holian Associates provides strategy, resources and coaching for every stage of your career. If you need help with job search strategy, career transition, resume creation, LinkedIn development, interview preparation,  professional strengths coaching, or navigating your job search as a college student or recent college grad, email us at Julia@careertransformationpartners.com or give us a call at (925) 451-3183.

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