3/12, 6/11 and 9/10 (all at 5:30 pm PT)

Parent's Night - Empowering Parents To Support Young Professionals

Are you a parent with a college student or young professional on the cusp of launching their careers? Join us for an hour of valuable insights and expert advice to help you as your loved one makes their way into the workforce. This is an introduction to the latest trends, and practical tools, to help you support and guide your loved one as they enter the professional job market.

3/12, 6/11 and 9/10 (all at 5:30 pm PT)


Liz helped me prepare greatly for upcoming interviews by practicing potential questions. My interviews felt easy and I was ready for any questions they asked me! Liz also helped me with my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn page... I received a job offer from a company I'm thrilled about. This would not have been possible without the assistance of Liz!

Jack O.

What To Expect:

Discover key insights into the modern job market, learn effective career readiness strategies, networking techniques, and how to enhance resumes and LinkedIn profiles, alongside mastering interview skills for your child’s career success.

Optimized Resumes
and LinkedIn Profiles

Uncover critical steps to creating standout resumes and LinkedIn profiles that attract employers.

Understanding the
Modern Job Market

Gain insights into the ever-evolving job market and how it looks different for young professionals.

Acing the Interview

Get valuable tips and insights to ensure your child is well-prepared for interviews, increasing their chances of landing their dream job.

Essential Career Readiness

Discover the core elements your child needs to succeed, from effective job search strategies to building a compelling personal brand.

Networking Success

Learn how to help your child establish meaningful professional connections and open doors to exciting career opportunities.

Working with Liz has truly transformed the way I approach career development. Liz always met me exactly where I was at—she listened to my frustrations, validated my concerns, and coached me in constructive ways. After a session with Liz, I felt empowered rather than discouraged. In only a few weeks, we created an actionable step-by-step plan to get me out of my current position and into a role that a) paid better and b) was more in line with my long-term goals: I was hired at a new company while working with Liz and received a 30% salary increase.

Linda B.

Why Attend

Join us to empower yourself with essential tools and knowledge for guiding your child’s career, and gain practical insights, valuable networking opportunities, and expert advice from seasoned career development professionals in a supportive community setting.

Empower Your Child

Equip yourself with the knowledge and resources to help guide your child toward a successful career.

Actionable Insights

Gain practical knowledge that you can immediately use to support your child's career journey.

Networking and Community

Connect with other parents who share similar challenges and concerns, building a supportive community.

Expert Guidance

Learn from experienced career development professionals who understand the unique needs of today's young professionals.

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